Pista - Tobitu Tuta

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Located in the village (Kebele) of Tobitu Tuta, the washing station belonging to Neja Fadil brings together around 250 producers from the surrounding area. Before operating this station, Neja Fadil was a local soccer star. Now converted into a coffee producer, he works closely with the various farmers by offering them agronomy courses to improve the quality of their crops. This lot is the result of the pooling of the work of 45 of them who succeeded in producing a coffee of a quality rarely seen by the Pista team. We have therefore selected Tobitu Tuta as a worthy successor to the famous Wolichu Wachu.

Tobitu Tuta is grown at an altitude of 2150m between the months of November and December, and is made up of varieties native to Ethiopia called Heirloom. It is picked and sorted by hand, before being fermented in tanks of water for 36 to 48 hours and being dried in the sun for 9 to 10 days on high beds. 


This coffee is frank and elegant when drank as espresso, and delicate and complex when enjoyed as filter. It develops on the sweetness of the blackberry and the acidity of the lime, with floral notes of Earl Gray.